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Small Claims Court
Filing Assistant
Version 2.7.5
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The Filing Assistant provides a convenient means of completing Small Claims Court forms online. Once you have completed the desired form it may be printed and submitted in person or by mail. Here are different ways to find your form:

NOTE: Effective June 1, 2017, the Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT) has jurisdiction to resolve certain claims of $5,000.00 and under. Effective April 1, 2019, the CRT will have jurisdiction to resolve certain accident claims up to $50,000.00. Learn more
Frequently Used Forms
Notice of ClaimFile »
Reply to a Notice of Claim, Notice of Civil Resolution Tribunal Claim, Counterclaim or Third Party NoticeFile »
Third Party NoticeFile »
Make an Application to the CourtFile »
Acknowledgement of Payment (scl800)File »
Affidavit in Support of Garnishing Order After Judgment (psc014, COEA Form B)File »
Affidavit of Service (scl004c)File »
Certificate of Service (SCR Form 4)File »
Garnishing Order (Before Judgment) (psc002)File »
Garnishing Order (After Judgment) (COEA Form D)File »
Notice of WithdrawalFile »
Payment Order (SCR Form 10)File »
Summons to a Payment Hearing (SCR Form 12)File »

Forms in Alphabetical Order
You can view an alphabetical list of small claims forms.

Save and Restore Your Work

You can save your work and return to update or complete your filing.

Restore a filing.
Filing Fees

Once your completed form is received by registry staff you may be required to pay for filing and/or service fees (form dependant).
Popup Blocker

If your computer has software to prevent pop-up windows, temporarily disable it before starting the Filing Assistant.
Additional Resources

Learn more about the small claims process before you start filling out your form.